Aphelion – 2015

  1. In Time
  2. Earthfall
  3. Destroyed
  4. Permafrost
  5. Wind In The Rigging
  6. Pillars Of Creation
  7. Dark
  8. Aldebaran
  9. Apricity
  10. Angel Army
  11. Permafrost (Frozen Tundra Mix)

After recording, mixing, and abandoning hundreds of tracks over the course of 3 years, I was finally able to settle on a handful to include on this album.

However, when I got to the studio of Levi Douglas to master my tracks, I suddenly found myself dissatisfied with many of the tracks I had selected. With only two weeks to work, now was not the time to have second thoughts about what tracks would make the cut. Yet, that’s just what happened.

Immersed in music from dawn until far past midnight, Aphelion was produced in a blitz of endless writing, mixing, and mastering, interrupted only by the needs for sleep and nourishment. Several of the tracks on the album (Earthfall, Destroyed, Pillars Of Creation, Permafrost) I wrote and mixed between the hours of 11pm and 4am in the spare bedroom of my grandparents’ house after an entire day of day of music production. ┬áThen, that morning, (a few hours later) I would head out to Levi’s studio and have the track mastered and completed.

After three years of experimentation, and a two-week-whirlwind of editing, Aphelion was completed…until I decided to add two more songs on at the last minute, pushing the track total to 11.

Across Kalon Skies – 2013

  1. Specters
  2. Across Kalon Skies
  3. Ambrosia
  4. Sailing The Stars
  5. Into The Valtameri
  6. The Scientist
  7. Erstwhile On Europa